I like to get connected all over the world via music!

Since 2011 I am an active vocal coach, working with different kind of „voice-interested“ people, different settings (groups, single), levels, ages (10-65), focus (performance, computer, choir, pop/jazz vocals) .

I passed my studies Jazzvocals (with Elfi Aichinger & Agnes Heginger) and Computer Music Studies (with Andreas Weixler) at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, Austria with focus on music production, performance and composition.

In my former studies „musicology“ at the University Vienna I focused on Contemporary Music, Jazz, Popculture and Public Relation.

I am working as singer, songwriter/composer and electronic artist in different groups  and solo in Jazz, Pop as also in electronic music. On a regular basis I am also working as free editor for radio Ö1/Austrian broadcasting-ORF and as music educator.

Singing is cleansing, it is expression, it is fun!

As a vocal coach I am including technique from Jazz/Classical/Pop and a lot of knowledge about breathing. I believe that knowledge of body as also about the functions of our voice „box“ is very important to start working with the voice and to really enjoy it. With that basics you will start to feel comfortable, you will know what happens when you use breath as resource, when you start to experiment with dynamics, sounds, voice qualities and of course tonality. I am also putting a lot of focus on performance and interpretation – As I am a trained Jazz vocalist I love to improvise and interpret.

I think that everybody, who is interested finds his/her way of expression – either more in interpreting, sounding, writing and singing lyrics or more improvisation etc… I am trying to give inputs and to support each kind of way and personality. Coz‘ that is what it is all about – voice and personality!

If you have any questions or want to come to a get-to-know lesson, please don’t hesitate to write me! For more info of my dates (concerts, workshops pls go to Termine).


International connections and channels:

Committee member of YAM  – Young Audience Music